Recent News

2017 CCTA

August 30, 2017

I just returned from the first annual IEEE Conference on Control Theory and Applications on the Big Island of Hawaii where I presented Norm and Linear-Inequality-Constrained State Estimation: An LMI Approach, which was primarily the hard work of Stephen Chee. It was an excellent conference where [...]

A Comparative Study of Input-Output Stability Results

July 17, 2017

A Comparative Study of Input-Output Stability Results is now available online. As a follow-up to The Extended Conic Sector Theorem, the paper shows how many input-output stability results can be linked together using the Extended Conic Sector Theorem. The goal is to help engineers who are [...]

IFAC World Congress

July 17, 2017

I just returned from the 2017 IFAC World Congress in Toulouse, France. It was a massive conference (over 3400 people)! The passivity-based control session was a highlight. The 'interactive sessions' where presenters had big screens and could present their work however they wanted were pretty [...]

2017 American Control Conference

May 27, 2017

I just returned from the 2017 American Control Conference in Seattle, Washington, where I co-chaired the Robust Control I session and presented some recent work on optimal, observer-based, conic controller design. I presented some recent research on nearly-optimal conic-sector-based control that [...]

Duke Robotics Day

April 15, 2017

Duke Robotics had its annual Student Symposium on April 14. Click above to see my introduction to the challenges of control engineering. There were some great talks by my colleagues and an especially good keynote from Amazon Robotics. The Pratt website has a nice overview.